About Us

Bitcoin Buyer and Where It All Started

We're flattered that you want to hear more about Bitcoin Buyer. Our story isn't too interesting, but it might give you a good idea of our ideals and where we're coming from.

Bitcoin Buyer was created by a group of tech investors. These tech investors were some of the early Bitcoin investors and were in love with the ethical implications of the coin.

Their purpose with Bitcoin wasn't to turn a profit or become super-wealthy; they wanted to support what Bitcoin represented. However, becoming super-wealthy is exactly what happened to them when Bitcoin blew up.

Every single member of the group had more money than they could ever possibly know what to do with, and that's when they Bitcoin Buyer seed was planted.

The Early Days of Bitcoin Buyer

Given that Bitcoin was now a major player on the world stage, our founders decided that they should be pushing for mainstream adaption of the technology.

They knew that the best way for that ever to happen was to bring Bitcoin to the masses, something that the major financial conglomerates actively didn't want.

The group decided to put together a trading platform that specifically catered to the average Joe rather than catering to preexisting traders like the majority of major crypto brokers do. That's when Bitcoin Buyer was born.

Developing Bitcoin Buyer

Given that our founders all had a background in technology developing Bitcoin Buyer was a breeze.

Getting a team together was a closed affair that subsisted of each founder reaching out to their old contacts and seeing who wanted to come on board.

Over the course of a few months, they had managed to put together a world-class team with some of the brightest and most creative technological minds on the planet.

From there, the team set to work on actually programming Bitcoin Buyer. It took the better part of two years, and there were a lot of difficulties despite the expertise on the team.

However, every single barrier that the Bitcoin Buyer team encountered was smashed through with ease.

In fact, out of everyone's combined experience, none of them had ever had a development that was as continuously productive and successful as that of Bitcoin Buyer.

Once the prototype version of Bitcoin Buyer was complete, a closed alpha and beta test were carried out.

The feedback we got from these tests was overwhelmingly positive, and within a few months of bug chasing, we were ready to launch.

That brings us to where we are now. Bitcoin Buyer has launched, and already we've helped countless beginner investors start their Bitcoin journey. We want to do the same for you, so let us.

When you use Bitcoin Buyer, you're starting yourself down a road that is going to transform your future.